Office Moves Toronto

We can help

If you are moving your office, it is important that you get your voice and data requirements planned for well ahead. This will mean that when you start work that first day at your new premises, everything will work properly so you can too.

CDL has been in the business of providing network support since 1990. Since then we have helped many companies move offices. Whether you are moving for the first time, or like our real estate development company customers, move offices frequently-setting up construction offices, then sales offices and then off to the next development to start the process over again. But whatever the type of business, some things stay the same:

How can we help?

Our years of experience have taught us that the most important work done is prior to the move. We conduct a pre-move inspection, performance review, inventory and analysis of your current computer and networking equipment. This, coupled with any planned changes you've developed for your new location enables us to work with you to make the move a successful one. What does it cost?

This initial inspection comes at no cost to you. It gives us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and to determine the scope of work should you decide to proceed.

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